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The Presidio Exchange
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View the Presidio Exchange video presentation from the July 17, 2013 public meeting >>
About the Proposal 
The Presidio Exchange (PX) is a proposed park-based cultural center that creates, curates, and hosts unique public experiences at the Presidio—reflecting the heritage of this national park and the creativity of the Bay Area while connecting to the larger world.
At the heart of the PX is a dynamic mix of public programs that are Presidio-themed, participatory, and cross-disciplinary. This program framework is informed not only by recent park-based research, but also national studies about current trends in museums, cultural institutions, and parks. The PX will feature four types of programming: exhibits and installations, events and programs, residencies, and daily offerings. The majority of PX programs will be free and accessible to all, and content will be ever-changing, co-created, and audience-driven—the hallmarks of successful contemporary cultural institutions and public spaces.

Program partners will play a key role at the PX, bringing passion, expertise, and relevance to the Presidio. More than 30 organizations, including national entities such as National Geographic, California Academy of Sciences, the Aspen Institute, Walker Art Center, and Stanford’s Bill Lane Center for the American West, have expressed their intention to partner with the PX. The PX will complement other visitor offerings at the Presidio, including those of the Presidio Trust, National Park Service (NPS), and tenant organizations.
The PX serves as a Program Hub of the Presidio, offering experiences in its myriad venue spaces (headlined by the large-scale, multi-purpose Open Space) and also bringing cutting-edge programs to the nearby parklands at Crissy Field, on the new tunnel top parklands created by the Presidio Parkway, on the Main Parade—and wherever nature and culture can bring public enjoyment and engagement to the Presidio.

The PX will not only reveal this historic landmark, but also connect it to the themes of the Golden Gate National Parks as well as the creative and intellectual capital of the Bay Area. Through program partners near and far, the PX will link the Presidio to the broader world and offer experiences and programs attracting both the local community and visitors.
About the Team
The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy is the non-profit steward of the Golden Gate National Parks. Established in 1981, the Conservancy has played a key role in revitalizing Lands End, preserving the Presidio, reinvigorating Fort Baker, transforming Crissy Field, and protecting 80,000 acres of national parkland north and south of the Golden Gate. The Conservancy continues to connect all communities with their parks through award-winning educational, volunteer, and stewardship programs.
  • Site Master Planning and Architectural Design – EHDD
  • Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Design – CMG Landscape Architecture
  • Historic Rehabilitation, Sustainable Development, and Financing – Equity Community Builders
  • Audience Engagement and Visitor Experience Design – Contemporanea, IDEO, and WolfBrown
  • Program, Events and Installation Development  – Foghorn Creative, ArtRise Projects, Independent Exhibitions
  • Branding, Communications and Marketing – Studio Hinrichs, Cindy MacKenzie, MacKenzie Communications
  • Architectural Illustration – Chris Grubbs and Steelblue
  • Parking and Traffic Demand Planning – Fehr & Peers
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