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On February 3, 2014 the Presidio Trust announced its decision regarding the Mid-Crissy Field site.



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 About Sports Basement

Sports Basement currently occupies the former commissary and has been a valued member of the Presidio community for nearly a decade. Many of you have commented on it and some suggest that Sports Basement is leaving the park. Below are statements made by Sports Basement and the Presidio Trust at the beginning of the process to bring a new cultural use to the former Commissary building. Thank you for your interest in the project and for participating in our process.  
The Trust is committed to keeping Sports Basement in the Park and they are actively working with us to place us in one of the many historic buildings in the Park. We have a great relationship with the Trust, and we have been strong partners for nearly 10 years. We are extremely confident that there is a similarly great location for us in the Park, and we support the Trust's long term goals for Building 610.
~ Dave Rumberg, Partner, Sports Basement
I believe Sports Basement is a wonderful addition to the Presidio. We are working with the store to find a longer-term home for them here in the park. Our longstanding objective for the commissary site has been to create a cultural institution of distinction for one of the most magnificent sites in the world. With the transformation that is taking place now - a graceful parkway replacing an outdated freeway - the time is right to begin the process of identifying a great cultural partner for that incomparable location. In the meantime, Sports Basement isn't going anywhere; and we are mutually committed to keeping the store in the Presidio.
~ Craig Middleton, Executive Director, Presidio Trust