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Historic Preservation
The Presidio is a National Historic Landmark District and its historic buildings, landscapes, and artifacts tell the story of our nation and its people across two centuries. To care for these resources and to enliven them for the next generation, the Presidio Trust is leading one of the largest and most ambitious historic preservation projects underway in the United States.
Since its work began, the Trust has rehabilitated or overseen the rehabilitation of more than 300 historic buildings and completed significant upgrades to more than 160 others. Historic landscapes including gardens and parade grounds have also been revived, including the historic forest. Beloved features such the major park gateways have also been returned to their previous elegance.
Preservation is core to the Trust’s mission not only because it safeguards resources but because reuse gives new purpose and meaning to the Presidio as a relevant, lively, and engaging destination. The Presidio is not just a collection of barracks and hangars but a place that welcomes and engages the community.
The Presidio Trust follows the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties in planning for and executing its preservation projects. These guidelines help protect the Presidio's National Historic Landmark District designation while allowing for upgrades and improvements (such as accessibility for the disabled) that prepare the buildings for contemporary uses. The Trust also makes a considerable effort to rehabilitate structures according to green building principles which incorporate environmentally sensitive materials and design.

The Practice of Preservation

A photo looking up above the entry at a historic lamp in building 1808, a Georgian revival style building.

The Presidio Trust staff includes architects, archaeologists, historic landscape architects, planners, and architectural conservators. Over the past 15 years, resources around the park have been renewed and revived.

Green Building

A photo of construction workers making a green roof by planting a garden on top of the roof.

LEED at the Presidio

The Presidio Trust has taken a leadership role in applying environmentally-sensitive “green building” techniques to the preservation of historic buildings. Read More >>

In the Spotlight

A photo of a large white building, part of the Thoreau Center, that has a flagpole in front and a path leading to it through grass.

By Presidio Tenants

Presidio organizations have completed several extraordinary rehabilitation efforts.

Montgomery Street Barracks

Three of these historic icons have undergone historic rehabilitation.
A photo looking down a street lined with trees to the Presidio Landmark, a large rehabilitated apartment building made of brick.

Public Health Service District

A former hospital campus is now a "green" neighborhood and home to the park's largest rehabilitated historic building.

A photo of two men working on painting the second floor of the porch of the Cavalry Barracks.

Former Cavalry Barracks

Built in 1902, the barracks recently underwent a LEED-certified rehabilitation.
A photo of two stonemasons working on a sandstone capstone at the Arguello Gate.

Historic Gates

The Lombard and Arguello Gates have been restored to their former grandeur.
A photo a reforestation site, where rows of young cypress trees grow in front of a historic grove.

The Historic Forest

The cypress, pine, and eucalyptus forest is the park's largest historic feature.
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