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Presidio Tenant Historic Preservation Projects
A photo of the rear of the Walt Disney Family Museum, a renovated brick barracks building on the Main Post.
Many organizations that choose to locate in the Presidio bring to bear tremendous resources to thoughtfully rehabilitate the historic buildings that will become their homes. The following are just a few of the groups that have completed critical preservation work in the park.
Thoreau Center for Sustainability
The Thoreau Center for Sustainability was one of the first organizations to locate in the Presidio after the site became part of the national park system. The Center, which opened its doors in 1995, rehabilitated the historic former Letterman Hospital complex using environmentally-sustainable techniques. Today, the Thoreau Center's 12 buildings house 60 organizations working for social justice, community education and development, public health, and environmental stewardship.
San Francisco Film Centre
In 1999, the San Francisco Film Centre undertook an historic renovation of a 67,000 square foot barracks that once housed 250 enlisted men and officers and was later converted to house the headquarters for the 6th Army.
Bay School of San Francisco
Bay School occupies Building 35, the largest building on the Main Post. Built in 1912 as an Army barracks, Building 35 is a spacious 62,000 square foot building. It underwent a complete historic rehabilitation in 2004-2005 to transform it into the ideal home for a 21st century high school. The Bay School campus has received numerous architectural and environmental awards.
Walt Disney Family Museum
In 2008 and 2009, the Disney family rehabilitated three historic Main Post buildings, including a Montgomery Street Barracks, to create a public museum and cultural facility honoring the great animator. Learn more about the process.
Presidio Landmark
Forest City Enterprises rehabilitated the park’s largest building, the former U.S. Marine Hospital, as housing. The award-winning project is in the Public Health Service District.
Futures without Violence
In 2010, Futures without Violence, which works to works to prevent and end violence against women and children around the world, rehabilitated the former band barracks on the Main Post as its new home.
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