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"Green Building" at the Presidio
The Presidio Trust will apply sustainable design practices and promote energy and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling, and clean technologies.
~ Presidio Trust Management Plan, 2002
The Presidio Trust strives to operate the park efficiently and to use resources wisely. Sustainable practices have been woven into park operations whenever possible, particularly in the areas of compost and regeneration, waste reduction, integrated pest management, and transportation management.
Given its mission to rehabilitate and reuse nearly 800 buildings around the park – more than half of which are historic – the Trust has taken a leadership role in “green building.” Green building practices strive to reduce the environmental impact when a building is constructed or repaired.
While “green building” has typically applied to new construction, the Presidio Trust is demonstrating that green materials and techniques can be used when historic buildings are preserved. In fact, through more than a decade of experience, the Trust is proving that historic preservation and green building practices are natural partners. The repair and reuse of an existing historic structure is an inherently sustainable act; it offers the opportunity to salvage and reuse materials, divert construction debris, and to implement efficient water and energy systems. There is growing evidence that building reuse can offer environmental savings over demolition and new construction.
Green Building Guidelines
In 1999 the Trust developed the Presidio Green Building Guidelines. The guidelines were based on the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria, but they included consideration for the rehabilitation of historic structures. LEED is an internationally recognized system that certifies that a building has been designed with the environment in mind, showing concern for water and energy usage, air quality, and the careful use of resources.
LEED Certified Projects
In 2010 the Presidio Trust adopted LEED as a standard for all major projects. To date there are ten LEED certified projects in the park (including four at the Public Health Service District). Several more projects await certification.

At the Public Health Service District

  • adaptive reuse of the Presidio’s largest historic structure into 154 Presidio Landmark apartments by Forest City Development (certified LEED Gold)
  • construction of the Belles Townhomes by Forest City (certified LEED Platinum)
  • conversion of the former nurses’ dormitory (Building 1808) into contemporary office space by the Presidio Trust (certified LEED Gold)
  • rehabilitation of the Wyman Avenue homes by the Presidio Trust (contributing to pending LEED ND certification)


Elsewhere in the Presidio

  • Building 3 (Bay School of San Francisco- certified LEED Silver)
  • Building 42 (Inn at the Presidio- certified LEED Gold)
  • Building 103 (Montgomery Street Barracks- certified LEED Gold)
  • Building 682 (former cavalry barracks - certified LEED Gold)
  • Building 920 (University of San Francisco - certified LEED Silver)
  • Building 926 (House of Air - certified LEED)
  • Building 934 (Roaring Mouse - certified LEED Silver)

Pending Certification

  • Archaeology Education Center
  • Building 50 (Officers’ Club)
  • Building 100 (Futures Without Violence)
  • Building 101 (Montgomery Street Barracks)
  • Building 103- TI Project (Montgomery Street Barracks)
  • Buildings 1201 + 1202 (Fort Scott)
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