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Environmental Remediation Program
The innovative Presidio Trust Environmental Remediation Program removes landfills, tanks, pipelines, and other materials resulting from the Presidio’s long history as a military post. The program is unique because of its unprecedented partnership structure and its great success in preparing park lands for habitat restoration and recreational uses.
Since the program began in 1999 nearly all sites have been addressed with input and participation from the community. In the next several years, the last projects will get underway.
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Upcoming Projects

A photo of the east arm of Mountain Lake, featuring foliage in the background.

Learn More

The lastest environmental cleanup projects will soon be underway. Learn what's planned and how the public can participate.

Remediation to Restoration

A photo of colorful wildflowers flourishing at Sunset Scrub, with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Open Spaces Restored

Over the past decade, the Environmental Remediation program has prepared parklands for habitat restoration and public enjoyment, like here at Sunset Scrub. Read More >>
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Environmental Remediation Program
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