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Creating Broad Impact
The Presidio contributes to improving our community, nation, and world.
The environmental and cultural resources of the Presidio offer opportunity for learning and personal enrichment. The history and magnificent grounds of the park create an inspiring setting for discourse and new thinking to address social challenges. The unique mix of nature, buildings, organizations, and people at the Presidio provide a laboratory for innovative problem solving.
The depth of Presidio programs, the scope of their impact, and the ability of the Presidio Trust to leverage resources across all sectors will rise to new levels in coming years.

Get Involved

A watercolor shows a man biking and people picnicing at Fort Scott with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Presidio Institute

A man and woman sit in the dirt doing gardening work and smiling.


Two women stand next to one another talking about a piece of paper one of them is holding.

For Teachers

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