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Categorical Exclusion Determinations
To further transparency and openness in its implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, the Presidio Trust documents its Categorical Exclusion (CE) determinations involving the categories of actions identified in Section 1010.7 of the Trust’s NEPA regulations. The CE database may be searched by planning district, project type, CE applied, or the year initiated. The database is updated approximately monthly. For additional information on the Trust’s NEPA compliance program, email
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Project Description
Project Number: 14-021
Project Name: Golf Course Use of Nortica Bio-Nematicide
Planning District: South Hills
Project Type: IPM
CE Applied: Removal of non-threatened or endangered species
CE Date: 4/18/2014
Project Description:
Pathogenic nematodes, particularly Anguina pacificae, have caused substantial damage to Presidio Golf Course greens, resulting in patchy uneven putting surfaces. Golf course turf managers are currently using non-chemical methods and chemical control (Primo Maxx, a plant growth regulator) to prevent and reduce nematode damage on greens. These combined nematode control methods have not protected the greens from all nematode damage, as some greens still have up to 50 percent of the turf damaged by nematodes during winter months when turfgrass is most susceptable. This project proposes the use of a newly available bio-nematicide (Nortica, EPA Registration #432-1512) containing the active ingredient Bacillus firmus, a bacterium, which protects turf roots from nematodes. Bacillus firmus is not a known or probable carcinogen or a reproductive or developmental toxin, is not a cholinesterase inhibitor, and is not a known groundwater contaminant as designated by the state of California. It is not toxic to mammals, birds, insects, earthworms, or fish. All the standard pesticide use restrictions as outlined in the Presidio Golf Course IPM Program and manufacturer’s use specifications will be observed during applications.

Project Number: 14-017
Project Name: Lendrum Court Interim Actions to Reduce Soil Exposure
Planning District: Fort Scott
Project Type: Remediation
CE Applied: Improvements to meet disabled access requirements
CE Date: 3/18/2014
Project Description:
Lendrum Court is a residential area located in the northwest corner of Area B. Based on soil analytical data, it appears that lead in surface soils at the site present a potential human health risk to residents. Temporary actions are required by the Department of Toxic Substances Control to minimize exposure while a final remedial action is developed. Measures include installing post and cable fencing around exposed surface soils in the moderately sloped landscape areas to restrict access; installing aggregate base walkways in high-traffic areas around residences; installing sand-set pavers in selected patio areas and covering the surface soils in low to moderate traffic areas with erosion control matting, gopher-resistant mesh, and wood chips; and installing gopher-resistant mesh and sod in the informal gathering areas.

Project Number: 14-015
Project Name: Building 101 North Wing, Society of California Pioneers Tenant Improvements
Planning District: Main Post
Project Type: Rehabilitation/TI
CE Applied: Rehabilitation or improvement of historic properties
CE Date: 3/3/2014
Project Description:
Building 101 (Montgomery Street Barrack, c. 1895) is a three-story brick building and a contributing structure to the Presidio NHLD. The Society of California Pioneers intends to make a series of tenant improvements on the north wing of the 1st floor and portions of the basement. The space will be used for exhibits, archival storage, publicly-accessible reference library, curatorial facility and administrative offices. Improvements on the 1st floor will include two new openings in historic walls to address security requirements and allow for fluid access between rooms 122 and 123 (historic dormitory and mess hall) and rooms 120 and 122 (historic company offices and dormitory). Additional work on the 1st floor will include installation of a ceiling, telecom, HVAC systems, electrical upgrades and select new partitions added to room 124 (historic kitchen) to create a photo curator’s room and office. Tenant improvements for the unfinished basement will include MEP necessary to establish climate and humidity controls for the storage of archival materials and artifacts, and the installation of security measures at the at-grade windows. A 19th-century artifact, the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance Bell, will be displayed on the front porch of building 101, which will require additional structural support on the underside of the porch.

Project Number: 14-013
Project Name: Building 50 Restaurant, Bar and Kitchen Tenant Improvement
Planning District: Main Post
Project Type: Rehabilitation/TI
CE Applied: Rehabilitation or improvement of historic properties
CE Date: 2/19/2014
Project Description:
Building 50 (Officers’ Club, c.1810) is the oldest structure on the Presidio and a contributing building to the Presidio NHLD. This project will install a full-service restaurant and bar in the west portion of the historic wing of building 50, and convert a portion of the new addition to back of house kitchen operation and storage. The restaurant will be located in the Arguello Room with additional seating in the Portola Courtyard, both historic spaces. The scope includes fitting out an existing kitchen space, constructing a free-standing bar, and furnishings to accommodate approximately 75 guests, including outdoor seating in the Portola Courtyard. All new furnishings within the Arguello Room will be free-standing and compatible with the historic interior. New kitchen mechanical systems will be installed in a screened location set back on the roof in order to minimize their visual presence on the building. Character defining features in the Arguello Room that were identified in the 2010 historic structure report for building 50 are being retained and highlighted as part of the tenant improvement. Service access to the kitchen will be via the rear door of the south wing using an existing path of travel identified as part of the warm shell project.

Project Number: 14-014
Project Name: CNG Station Parking Lot Regulations
Planning District: Fort Scott
Project Type: Transportation/Parking
CE Applied: Repair of roads and parking facilities
CE Date: 2/13/2014
Project Description:
Parking regulations are part of the ongoing Non-Residential Parking Program that started in 2007. As Fort Scott becomes more active, parking management control regulations are necessary to ensure that the parking nearby serves the needs of future tenants. Parking regulations have already been implemented along Storey Avenue, in the parking lot in front of Building 1208, and the parking lot serving the Log Cabin. The project will install parking machines to vend parking permits and associated regulatory signage in the CNG Station parking lot located east of Lincoln Boulevard and west of Ralston Avenue. The parking lot will be posted as Zone 9 and will require a Zone 9 permit everyday between 8 am and 6 pm.

Project Number: 14-012
Project Name: East Mason Street Storm Drain Abandonment
Planning District: Crissy Field
Project Type: Infrastructure
CE Applied: Installation of underground utilities
CE Date: 1/27/2014
Project Description:
This project will abandon approximately 700 feet of old redwood stave storm drain discovered along the north face of the Mason Street Warehouses. The project will eliminate the pavement sinkholes that continue to develop as a result of pipe deterioration. Approximately half of the length will be abandoned in place by grout fill injection from one end. The other half will be excavated using typical excavation methods to expose and remove the top of the pipe, fill the pipe interior with engineered fill, and backfill to grade. The total construction duration is anticipated to be 30 calendar days with work hours from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Traffic controls will be required during work hours. Excavations will be either plated or backfilled and traffic restored to normal during non-work hours.

Project Number: 14-011
Project Name: "Picturing the Presidio" Temporary Art Exhibition
Planning District: South Hills
Project Type: Miscellaneous
CE Applied: Installation of signs, displays, and kiosks
CE Date: 1/22/2014
Project Description:
This project will install 8 poster-sized, black and white photographs taken by noted Bay Area photographer Lyle Gomes along the Bay Area Ridge and Park Trails. The photographs will portray the forest stands as they appeared 20+ years ago to show the changes that have occurred. Each image will be accompanied by a brief statement identifying the image title, artist and how to get more information on the project, and will be mounted on an outdoor sign similar to Trust trail signs. The signs will be fabricated and installed by the Trust, and will remain in the park for approximately 7 months. Following closure of the exhibit, all signs will be removed and each site returned to its pre-project condition.

Project Number: 14-010
Project Name: Presidio Golf Course Fence Removal
Planning District: South Hills
Project Type: Landscaping/Site Work
CE Applied: Replacement of minor structures and facilities
CE Date: 1/10/2014
Project Description:
This project will remove approximately 800 lineal feet of 6-foot high non-historic chain-link fence parallel to Washington Boulevard and the Presidio Golf Course between the east and west Washington neighborhoods. A section of the fence that is adjacent to the Park Boulevard that runs through heavy brush will remain. A section of 14-foot high fence near the 15th tee will be replaced by a lower 6-foot high black vinyl chain-link fence that will bend around the tee.

Project Number: 14-009
Project Name: New Basement Commercial Unit in Building 1808
Planning District: PHSH
Project Type: Rehabilitation
CE Applied: Rehabilitation or improvement of historic properties
CE Date: 11/15/2013
Project Description:
This project will improve an existing unfinished basement in a non-residential building for leasing. The scope of work includes: upgrade electrical systems, install acoustical material on ceilings, paint existing walls, add baseboards, install kitchenette (sink and cabinets), add two new storefront walls to create a new conference room, and finish concrete floors.

Project Number: 14-006
Project Name: 815 Quarry Road Units A & B ADA Site Work
Planning District: East Housing
Project Type: Landscaping/Site Work
CE Applied: Improvements to meet disabled access requirements
CE Date: 11/7/2013
Project Description:
This project will provide accessible sidewalks, ramps, entrances and parking for units A and B in building 815 Quarry Road, East Housing. Demolition work will include selective clearing and removal of existing asphalt and concrete paving. New work will include site layout, determining grades to meet ADA codes, earthwork and grading, construction of new parking lot sections, installing asphalt concrete paving at 2 percent maximum slope for ADA parking, installing an accessible concrete ramp to the building entrance, and striping the parking lot for one van accessible parking space. All work will meet current ADA guidelines for accessible walks, entrances and parking.

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