Categorical Exclusion Determinations
To further transparency and openness in its implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, the Presidio Trust documents its Categorical Exclusion (CE) determinations involving the categories of actions identified in Section 1010.7 of the Trust’s NEPA regulations. The CE database may be searched by planning district, project type, CE applied, or the year initiated. The database is updated approximately monthly. For additional information on the Trust’s NEPA compliance program, email
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Project Description
Project Number: 15-048
Project Name: 2015 Amendment to the 1998 Transfer of Administrative Jurisdiction Presidio of San Francisco
Planning District: Area A
Project Type: Miscellaneous
CE Applied: Legislative proposals of an administrative or technical nature
CE Date: 8/31/2015
Project Description:
These are technical and clerical revisions in the boundary between Areas A and B of the Presidio authorized under Section 103(b)(1) of the Trust Act. The remainder is a swap of three buildings, also authorized under Section 103(b)(1) of the Trust Act: Building 102 to Area B and Buildings 662 and 643 to Area A. This is a change in administrative jurisdiction from one federal agency to another (the National Park Service to the Presidio Trust and vice versa). All transferred property will remain within the boundaries of the GGNRA.

Project Number: 15-047
Project Name: Building 38 2nd Floor Tenant Improvement
Planning District: Main Post
Project Type: Rehabilitation/TI
CE Applied: Rehabilitation or improvement of historic properties
CE Date: 8/28/2015
Project Description:
This project will provide new office space for Artisan Partners (tenant) on the north wing of the second floor of historic building 38 (Barracks/Sixth Army Headquarters, built 1940). The work includes selective demolition of non-historic partitions and lockers; construction of new interior partitions, interior storefront partitions, doors, frames and hardware; and new lighting fixtures, carpet and painting. The project will not alter or damage existing historic finishes including original perimeter walls, windows, bull nosed window sills, concrete posts, and tile detailing found at the base of some walls and posts.

Project Number: 15-044
Project Name: Mountain Lake Wildlife Corridor Installation
Planning District: South Hills
Project Type: Miscellaneous
CE Applied: Trail development, relocation, or maintenance
CE Date: 8/18/2015
Project Description:
As part of the Mountain Lake Adaptive Management Plan (project 13-029), the reintroduction of wildlife species that regularly use upland habitat (chorus frogs, Western Pond turtles, and newts) required the installation of a containment fence in order to ensure the safety of the animals (e.g. from the highway and dogs) and control/prevent the dispersal from the lake (project 15-021). The fencing presents a physical barrier between the lake and required habitat such that connecting corridors to allow for the necessary and protected movement between separated sections is required. The use of corridors in wildlife management is growing in popularity. Contemporary studies suggest that allowing ambient light and temperature into otherwise dank and dark undercrossings promote the usage by amphibians and reptiles. The proposed corridor will run east/west under the width of the West Pacific Trail and will be flush with the surface. Materials will be ordered pre-cast and engineered to comply with necessary structural integrity and trail safety.

Project Number: 15-041
Project Name: Builidng 105 Selective Demolition and Abatement
Planning District: Main Post
Project Type: Building Demolition
CE Applied: Improvements to meet disabled access requirements
CE Date: 8/14/2015
Project Description:
Building 105 (Infantry Barracks, circa 1895) is currently a vacant office building last used by FEMA and as the NPS Visitors Center. Selective demolition and abatement work will be conducted within the interior of the building in order to remove accumulated non-historic finishes and partitions, obsolete building systems and general debris, and to abate hazardous materials (asbestos). The work will prepare the building for a full structural upgrade and rehabilitation (current plans call for a hotel use). The Building 105 Historic Structure Report (2015) was used to develop a sensitive and appropriate scope and to identify historic partitions and finishes. Remaining historic fabric on the building’s interior will not be damaged, with the exception of selective removal of plaster wall and ceiling finishes to expose concealed conditions and to guide future architectural and structural design. The non-original exterior fire escapes will also be removed. All exterior soft demolition and abatement work to occur as part of building rehabilitation will be subject to additional review at a later date.

Project Number: 15-042
Project Name: West Pacific Avenue Erosion Control
Planning District: South Hills
Project Type: Maintenance
CE Applied: Routine maintenance and property and resource management
CE Date: 8/4/2015
Project Description:
This project is expected to control erosion along an approximately 880 feet long by 40 feet wide, unpaved section of West Pacific Avenue near the East Arm of Mountain Lake. Three 18- to 24-inch diameter logs will be placed across slope from the historic wall to the paved, north-side of the road at specific sites to direct water into the historic brick-lined ditch. Logs will be keyed in at approximately one-half their diameter and the area will be regraded to maintain a smooth trail surface and increase permeability. Three inches of wood chips will be spread over the area. Coir logs will be placed along the road where necessary to ensure water direction and to contain woodchips. Care will be taken throughout the project to ensure protection of the historic wall.

Project Number: 15-043
Project Name: Building 222 Pre-Design Investigation
Planning District: Main Post
Project Type: Research/Testing
CE Applied: Research, monitoring, inventorying, and information gathering
CE Date: 7/30/2015
Project Description:
Investigative tests at building 222 (Company Warehouse and Engineering Storage, circa 1910) are needed to gather information for structural, site and architectural designs for a future rehabilitation project to accommodate general office use. Pre-design investigations to be performed inside the building include chipping concrete, measuring concrete wall thickness, concrete slab coring and using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to determine reinforcing bar spacing. Locations have been carefully identified to minimize removal or alterations to historic fabric. All testing will be performed with Trust oversight.

Project Number: 15-040
Project Name: Temporary Relocation of NPS Presidio Visitor Center to Building 36
Planning District: Main Post
Project Type: Building Use
CE Applied: Visitor activity or program changes
CE Date: 7/27/2015
Project Description:
Building 105 (Infantry Barracks, circa 1895), is proposed to be rehabilitated and converted from an existing vacant office use to visitor accommodations (hotel) use. This project will relocate the current temporary Presidio Visitor Center occupying the northeast corner of the first floor of building 105 to the first floor of building 36 on Lincoln Boulevard to allow selective demolition and abatement at 105 to commence in preparation of a larger rehabilitation project (see 15-041). Temporary signage and revisions to printed and electronic information, including updating the Trust’s maps and websites, will ensure that the public is informed and educated about the relocation of the Visitor Center. The Trust will work with the NPS to develop a coordinated communications plan. The curb at the parking lot south of building 36 will be painted to accommodate two 30-minute parking spaces for visitors.

Project Number: 15-038
Project Name: Presidio Golf Course Bunker Rehabilitation - Holes 5, 12, 13 and 16
Planning District: South Hills
Project Type: Golf Course
CE Applied: Landscaping and landscape maintenance
CE Date: 7/21/2015
Project Description:
The Presidio Golf Course was initially constructed in 1895 and is a contributing resource to the NHLD. The existing bunkers (sand traps) near holes 5, 12, 13 and 16 have poor drainage, hold water, do not reflect the historic character of the golf course, and create a customer experience inconsistent with that of the rest of the golf course. This project continues the bunker rehabilitation that began in 2011 and is expected to be completed in 2017. To date, 11 holes are finished (see projects 10-075, 12-001, 13-024 and 14-038). The work will include the removal of existing sand, excavation to add new drainage, and construction of new bunkers. The new landform designs are reflective of golf course architecture in the 1920s and will be done in the spirit of the original 1923 Fowler and Simpson course re-design.

Project Number: 15-037
Project Name: Eastern Tributary of Tennessee Hollow Tree Removal and Native Plant Restoration
Planning District: East Housing
Project Type: Vegetation Restoration
CE Applied: Removal of non-historic materials and structures
CE Date: 7/14/2015
Project Description:
The Eastern Tributary has the greatest year-round surface water flow and the longest stretch of exposed creek and riparian habitat still found in the watershed. Approximately half of the creek, however, is in a storm drain buried under Morton Street Field. The 2.0-acre project area surrounding the spring that feeds the creek is dominated by Blue gum eucalyptus trees and other non-native invasive plants and the native habitat is degraded. This project will substantially enhance the spring area in accordance with the Tennessee Hollow Environmental Assessment and VMP. Approximately 110 trees (mostly between 15- to 50-inch dbh with 15 trees over 50-inch dbh) will be removed and the area will be replanted with native plants to create a continuous habitat and buffer area between the spring and the nearby neighborhood. A diverse suite of native plants and trees, including oaks, toyons, willows and other native riparian and woodland plants will be established within the area. The nearby earthen historic dam will be revealed, preserved and interpreted. Trees will be removed via the temporary construction access road (between the Paul Goode Field and West Pacific Avenue) to be built to renovate the adjacent playing field (project 15-023). Neighbors will be notified in advance about the nature, extent and duration of construction activities.

Project Number: 15-039
Project Name: Fort Scott Parking
Planning District: Fort Scott
Project Type: Transportation/Parking
CE Applied: Repair of roads and parking facilities
CE Date: 7/7/2015
Project Description:
Parking regulations are part of the ongoing Non-Residential Parking Program that started in 2007. As Fort Scott becomes more active, parking management is necessary to ensure that parking supply remains adequate into the future. This project will install up to 10 parking machines and 23 regulatory signs for parking along Ralston Avenue in front of Buildings 1216-1218, near Buildings 1226-1227, near 1201 and 1202, and on Wool Court. Some of the parking machines may require the installation of protective bollards. Parking will be regulated similar to other areas of Fort Scott, every day from 8am-6pm, except in areas adjacent to buildings occupied by the U.S. Park Police (1217 and 1218), National Park Service (1227) and Presidio Trust offices (1201 and 1216) where Government Vehicle Parking Only signs will be installed.

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