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Building 207-231 Area
A photo showing the exterior of red brick Building 228 with a parking lot in front. This is the site of a cleanup effort.
Project Description
The Building 207-231 Area is located on the Presidio’s Main Post near the intersection of Halleck Street and Gorgas Avenue. The site contained a former gas station, vehicle maintenance facility, and dry cleaners. The area has been divided into several subareas, called remedial units (RUs) to facilitate cleanup of petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and metals present in soil and groundwater at concentrations that pose a risk to human health and the environment.
In October 2007, the Regional Water Quality Control Board approved a Final Corrective Action Plan (Final CAP). For all RUs except one the planned remedy in the Final CAP is excavation of contaminated soil and groundwater monitoring. For an area adjacent to an historic wall and building the planned remedy is in situ treatment of soil and groundwater.
The Presidio Trust has completed remediation of the various RUs in phases. To date, the majority of the RUs have been remediated, including the in situ remediation at the historic wall and building. Remaining work includes soil excavation at two subareas (RU230 and RU38).
The 207-231 Area is within the corridor of the Doyle Drive replacement project. Remedial work is being coordinated with Caltrans and its contractors.
Remedial construction at the 207-231 Area has been ongoing since 2010. In situ remediation of soil and groundwater adjacent to the historic wall and building was completed in 2011. Remediation of soil at RU230 and RU38 is scheduled to occur in early- to mid-2012.
Key Documents
Documents regarding remediation of Building 207-231 Area are available for review at the Presidio Trust Library, 34 Graham Street, Presidio. These include:
  • Work Plan for In Situ Thermal Remediation Historic Wall Interface Building 207/231 Area (March 2011)
  • Recommended Approach to Characterizing and Addressing Impacted Soil and Groundwater Near Historic Retaining Wall (August 2009).
  • Final Corrective Action Work Plan and Construction Drawings, Building 207/231 Area (October 2008)
  • Final Corrective Action Plan, Building 207/231 Area (October 2007)
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