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Battery Howe Wagner
A photo of a lawn and vegetation site near Storey Avenue homes where Battery Howe Wagner is located.
Project Description
Battery Howe Wagner (BWH) is a former Army coastal fortification covered with soil and debris. The debris consists of rubble from the demolition of buildings that formerly surrounded the fortification. The rubble includes concrete, wood, brick, and miscellaneous construction materials. The site is made up of a concrete fortification structure covered by native fill material, buildings, and associated parking and drive areas.
The Presidio Trust has investigated whether debris at BWH contains contaminants that may pose a risk to human health or the environment. The data collected to date do not indicate that significant risks exist. Based on preliminary data indicating little to no risk, the Trust anticipates requesting no further action for the BHW.
The Presidio Trust prepared a remedial investigation report and site risk assessment in January 2012 and submitted the document to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. The document concludes that there are no chemicals of concern in soil and groundwater at the site.
Key Documents 
Documents regarding remediation of Battery Howe Wagner are available for review at the Presidio Trust Library, 34 Graham Street, Presidio. They include:
  • Remedial Investigation Summary Report, Battery Howe Wagner Site (January 2012)
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