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Barnard Avenue Protected Range
Future remediation site at Barnard Avenue .
Project Description  
The Barnard Avenue Protected Range (BAPR) is a remediation site located in the low-lying drainage area, west of Buildings 808, 809, and 810 and east of Barnard Avenue, in the western tributary of the Tennessee Hollow Watershed. The southwestern half of the BAPR is covered by Landfill E, a former Army landfill, which was capped with a soil cover in summer 2011. The northeastern half of the BAPR receives runoff from Landfill E. The BAPR was also formerly used by the U.S. Army as a small arms firing range.
Soil at the BAPR contains metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and pesticides at concentrations exceeding levels that are protective of ecological species. The contamination does not pose a risk to human health. In April 2013, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) approved a Final Removal Action Work Plan (RAW) for the project. Removal of the soil will reduce the risk to a level that is protective of the environment.
Remedial Construction
Over a 4 to 6 week period in July through September 2013, the Presidio Trust will remove contaminated soil from the BAPR. The work will involve removal of 1,300 cubic yards of surface soil, import of clean soil, and grading of the ground surface to promote water flow through the drainage. In general, work hours will be weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. Construction traffic will be limited to Barnard Avenue and Presidio Boulevard. Barnard Avenue south of Fernandez Street will be closed during construction, however this closure will not affect access to units in the East Housing District.
The Presidio Trust removed trees from the site in Fall 2012 to prepare the area for soil removal. Following remediation, the site will be restored with native plants as part of a long-term effort to revitalize the Tennessee Hollow Watershed.
Project Contacts 
For questions during the course of the project, contact:
George Chow, DTSC Project Manager; or (510) 540-3879
Clay Harrell, Presidio Trust External Affairs; or (415) 561-5331
Project Documents
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