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About the Remediation Program
The Environmental Remediation Program has been essential to repurposing the Presidio’s buildings and landscapes for park uses.
The effort began in 1999 with an innovative series of cooperative interagency and funding agreements among the U.S. Army, the Trust, the National Park Service, and regulatory agencies. The agreements resulted in a management structure that transferred primary remediation responsibility to the Presidio Trust and allowed cleanup to be carried out in less time and to a higher standard than would
have otherwise been achieved.
Since 1999, 16 landfill sites have been assessed, removed, or capped; 500 former fuel storage tanks have been assessed and remediated; miles of fuel distribution piping have been removed; and lead-based paint in soil has been removed at hundreds of structures. The remediation effort will be substantially complete in 2014.
Cleanup Successes
Over the past decade the majority of known sites have been cleaned up with the goal of reducing risk to levels that are protective of human health and the environment. Underground fuel tanks have been excavated, pipes have been removed, and lead-based paint has been taken out of soil.
The Presidio Trust is also remediating a total of 15 landfill sites where the Army disposed of waste. These range in size from one to five acres and contain primarily building debris and fill soils. The landfills sometimes contain metals, pesticides, or other chemicals.
To date, a combined 350,000 tons of landfill waste have been removed from the park. This work allows Presidio Trust resource specialists to restore native habitats and forest groves, and to build new trails and ball fields for the public to enjoy. Learn about key remediation projects that have been completed.
Remaining Sites
The remaining remediation sites will be addressed with input from the community. These include:



Public Participation and the Restoration Advisory Board 
California’s Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) and the Regional Water Quality Control Board provide the remediation program with regulatory oversight and guidance. Before cleanup actions begin, a Draft Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is released for public comment. This plan evaluates environmental contamination at a site, identifies cleanup alternatives, and proposes a cleanup remedy. The Final RAP responds to comments received and describes how a cleanup site will be addressed.
The Presidio Trust Environmental Remediation Program is also supported by a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) made up of volunteer community members. The RAB has been active in the remediation program since its inception. RAB meetings are open to the public. They are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Golden Gate Club, 135 Sheridan Avenue, Main Post.
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